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Red Community       Question #1

Ardry, Shannon
Chandler, Jonathan
Spearman, Chuck

Blue Community       Question #2

Bell, Elly
Bolgeo, Jason
Haluska, Aaron
Yellow Community         Question #3

Meadows, Brent
Morin, Derek
Sells, Paul

Green Community       Question #4

Debity, Trent
Greene, Mark
Meadows, Joe
Gold Community      Question #3

Ban, Munehiro
Fisher, Ben
Hawk, Allison

Purple Community

Buttram, Benjamin
Gibson, Daryl
Reinhardt, Nick

Term Fall 2003
Course ENGR 328 001
Instructor Henry Jm

Dr. Jim Henry


Material for ENGR 328
Engineering Controls Systems

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Henry pic is here
This is a picture of Dr. Jim Henry in 1996

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