Let's explore how to get the started with multi-university lab experiments.

The UTChattanooga column can be operated remotely.  Of course, UTChattanooga students will have to charge the feed tank and reboiler, then remote students can operate the column.

"Operate the column" means remote students can specify the

--reflux (expressed as a % of condensate that is refluxed),

--feed pump rate (expressed as a setting number on the pump that  can be converted to volume flow rate with a calibration curve)

--heat to reboiler (in watts).

While the experiment runs, remote students can watch data graphs of temperatures, power, pump settings, cooling water conditions, etc. Also, UTChattanooga has cameras so live operation can be observed.

UTChattanooga uses Methanol-water or Ethanol-water mixtures.


Your students can run batch distillation  or continuous distillation  experiments.


I would suggest that you send me one or more of the typical experiment descriptions that you assign your students and I could get some ideas on having them do an equivalent experiment on the UTC column.

The experiments are operated via a control panel at http://distillation.engr.utc.edu/ (a free LabVIEW plug-in needed. A link is on that page to get it.)

Instructions for the UMich student experiments from 2002 are at the link on that page labeled "Tutorial" These can be modified or expanded, of course.

The cameras are at the link "View Distillation Live" on the control page.