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Publications in the last 10 years
LabVIEW Applications in Engineering Labs: Controls, Chemical, Environmental ", ASEE Paper, Anaheim, CA, 1995.
"Controls Laboratory Teaching via the World Wide Web ", ASEE Paper, Washington, DC, June 1996.
"Internet Laboratory Server in Engineering Systems Laboratory ," Conference at M.I.T., June, 1997
"WebLab-Using the Web for Laboratory Experiments," Chemical Engineering Summer School, Snowbird, UT., August, l997.
" Laboratory Teaching viathe World Wide Web ", ASEE sectional Meeting, Orlando, FL, April 1998.
" Using Laboratories via the World Wide Web," Presentation, MECCA, Memphis, TN, June, 1998.
"Web-based Teaching in Controls Systems Laboratories", ASEE Annual Meeting, Seattle, WA, June, 1998.
"Developing Laboratory Experimentation via the Internet," Presentation & workshop, University of Edinburgh, November, 1998, Edinburgh, Scotland, October, 1998.
" Laboratory Remote Operation: Features and Opportunities ", ASEE Annual Meeting, Charlotte, NC, June, 1999.
"Web-Assisted Teaching of Control Systems Design," CACSD Symposium, Kona, HI, August, 1999
Improving Laboratories with Internet Controlled Equipment and Internet Student Support ", ASEE sectional Meeting, Roanoke, VA, April 2000.
"24 Hours, 7 Days Lab Experiments Access on the Web All the Time", ASEE Annual Meeting, St. Louis, MO, June, 2000.
"Lab Experiments Access on the Web," Presentation, Best Practices @ UT 2000, September, 2000, Knoxville, TN.
"Successes and Challenges with Remote Experiments on the Internet," Invited Presentation, Symposium at Kent State University, October, 2000, Kent, OH. 
"Engineering Laboratory Experiments on the World Wide Web", ASEE sectional Meeting, Charleston, SC, April 2001.
Laboratory Remote Operation: Features and Opportunities ", ASEE Annual Meeting, Albuquerque, NM, June, 2001.
Remote Laboratory Operation: Web Technology Successes ", ASEE Annual Meeting, Albuquerque, NM, June, 2001 with Masoud Naghedolfeizi, Sanjeev Arora.
"Web-Based Laboratories: Technical and Pedagogical Considerations ," AIChE Annual Meeting, Reno, NV, November, 2001.
"Developing Experiments on the World Wide Web ", [Presentation Slides] SSST Meeting, Huntsville, AL, March, 2002.
Assessments of Engineering Laboratory Experiments on the World Wide Web ", ASEE sectional Meeting, Gainesville, FL, April 2002.

"Modern Engineering Laboratories at a Distance", Henry and Knight, International Journal of Engineering Education, 2003
'Web-based Unit Operations and Process Control Experiments ", Henry, Eric Nuttall, Lomesh Dutta and Nader Vadiee, AIChE Annual Meeting, 2003
"Chemical Engineering Experimentation over the Internet", Henry and Nuttall, AIChE Annual Meeting, 2003
"PDAs, Cell-phones.... What's next?", Henry, AIChE Meeting, 2004
"Examples of Teaching Green Engineering in Engineering Courses ", Martin Abraham, Luke E Achenie, Ann Marie Flynn, Jim Henry (speaker), Wallace B Whiting, Robert P Hesketh and C. Stewart Slater, AIChE Meeting, 2004
"Learning Resources on the Web for Green Engineering", Henry, Hesketh & Slater, AIChE Spring Meeting, 2005
"Introducing Reality into Process Control Classes", Henry and Zollars, ASEE Annual Meeting, 2005
"International Cooperation in control engineering education using remote laboratories", Henry and Schaedel, European Journal Of Engineering Education, 2005
"Real Labs at a DIstance", Henry, AIChE Annual Meeting 2005.

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