Jim Henry

Scotland activities on 26 November
Thanksgiving Day in
St. Andrews, Scotland

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St. Andrews
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Mog, night before, in our sitting room, with a cup of tea.
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Click to see more St. Andrews Castle
, here, on the coast.
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Click to see more St. Andrews Cathedral
, here, with Mog.
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Town view, St. Andrews.
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Pier and East Sands.
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A scene at St. Andrews University. The university is the oldest in Scotland. Third oldest in Britain, after Oxford and Cambridge.
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The Honours Course. The setting sun at 3:40 PM.
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Jim in front of the Royal and Ancient.
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Jim at the first tee of the Honours Course.
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Mog at the club
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A golf-club manufacturing shop in St. Andrews.
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Jim on the train on the way home. There was standing room only on the train. He found this fold-out chair in the passageway between the cars and sat there.

That's the car door behind him. Don't worry, they don't open while the train is moving.

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First published 26 November 1998
Revised 27 November 1998

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