Welcome to the Flow Controls System Equipment in the Lab!
Here are two students (Billy and Noah) in front of the Flow System at UTC.
This is the water reservoir that supplies the water to the pump.
The beige cable that comes out takes the signal voltage from the computer to the motor speed power supply.  This is sometimes called an Inverter.  This is sometimes called a Variable-Voltage-Variable-Frequency unit (VVVF).  It supplies a variable voltage at a variable frequency to the motor.
This is the motor that drives the pump
These are the two motor-operated valves.
This is the Flow Sensor. It is a Coriolis Force Flow meter. It is made by MicroMotion. It was a gift to UTC.
This is the Flow Transmitter. It has a visual display of the flow rate (lb/min), density and temperature of the flowing stream. 
The Flow Transmitter (FT) sends a signal voltage through the black cable back to the terminal box and then back to the computer
The equipment cable goes into this terminal box
The computer data acquisition board is connected to the Connector Block and then the cable to the equipment
pictures taken in August, 2004

Click here to see pictures of the legacy system in Grote Hall at UTC
First published 30 August 2004