Welcome to the Pressure Control System Equipment in the Lab!

(Pictures from system in Engineering, Math and Computer Science Building, installed, 2003)

Connector cable to transfer signals back-and-forth to the conputer (Which is the PRC = Pressure Recording Controller)

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Circuit connector box.

The green and orange thing at the top is the Connector Block (CB-50)

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This is the Variable-Voltage, Variable Frequency (VVVF) power supply for the blower motor.  This was donated to UTC by PEC (Process Engineering Company), now a division of Wood's.

These are sometimes called "inverters"

This is the Pressure Control Drive = PCZ

It gets a signal from the PRC and drives the motor with the % of full power as specified by the PRC

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This is the blower motor.  It is a 3-phase, 230 volt AC motor. It is 1/2 horsepower.


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This is the Pressure Transmitter = PT

It is connected to the ducts with a tube (the light gray tube coming into the top of the black item).

The PT is a piezoelectric transducer.  It sends a signal voltage out that is proportional to the pressure in the tube.

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This is one of two dampers. They close off one or two fo the three arms of the pressure system that the blower supplies.  To see a movie of the damper opearting, click below.

Click HERE for Damper Movie

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Pressure Control System
(Pictures from legacy system in Grote Hall, Installed, 1992)
Pressure System
3-phase motor & blower at bottom
VVVF motor controller at top right
Pressure transducer at top left
 Pressure System
Air duct manifold & right exit arm
Level System
Air manifold with three exit arms




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